We understand a lot depends upon our cab arriving on time. You may have flight to catch or an important business meeting planned.

As per our statistics 98% of our cabs reach their customers before pickup-time.

In the unfortunate event that your cab doesn’t reach you, you can call us immediately at our call centre and we will arrange an next nearest available cab for you. 

If that does not work we will offer you a full refund in case you have paid us online.

Tip :

You can track your driver on Live Map while he is coming to pick-up you up.

You will also see distance between you and him and approx time he will take to arrive.


However because of operational reason or en-route extraordinary traffic delay cab may be late which is beyond our control. 

Using technology, we can predict based on current traffic conditions if cab will be late. 

In such instances, we immediately dispatch the nearest alternate cab to ensure our customers get their cab’s on time.